Wednesday, 29 June 2011

All's Quiet

Tuesday through to Friday (days 7-10), of this week, are my low immune days in this cycle. Compared to my last cycle, I am doing a lot better.

All I seem to be dealing with are a couple of skin conditions and the usual fatigue. I can thank the needle for the better run. Furthermore, I heard that the needle, which I will have after my next chemo, may not knock me about as much as it did this time. For that, I would be most grateful. And, if does have the same affect, that is, I am confined to my bed for three days, we'll deal with that too.

I had two really good naps today. So, I am trusting that my body used that rest time well to start rebuilding the cells that were smashed by chemo.

I really don't have anything else to share. No news is good news though hey?

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