Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Confessions Of A Cancer Patient

Confession No.1
I haven't been rinsing four times a day. Aside from being over it, it is quite simply making me gag. Swishing that funny tasting water in my mouth and then throwing it all back to gargle is too hard at the moment. Unfortunately though, my mouth is going to pay. Today, probably the third day of being slack in this area, I have noticed that my mouth feels weird against my tongue. So, with my head low and hands that are very unwilling to mix, I do vow to rinse my mouth tonight and four times each day from hereafter.

Confession No. 2
I have a red splotch on my face. Yesterday, I noticed a tiny red bump on my cheek bone. The skin was not pierced, there was no pain or itchiness. Today, the tiny red bump has spread. I was told that chemo can affect skin and create conditions. This must be a "condition". Strange.

Confession No. 3
The wound in my arm pit has opened a bit. I have noticed a small opening of the wound at one end. A couple of weeks ago, I had been concerned because there was a little discomfort in the same area. The G.P. had suggested that it was a hair that was stuck. Since there is no pain or inflammation, I am going to assume that my body will take care of the matter.

Confession No. 4
I have a flat head. Well, I fooled you, didn't I? Despite my round head appearance in the photos, I must confess that I have a flat head. It's exactly like what babies get from sleeping on their backs.

Confession No. 5
I ate beetroot chips and I liked it. You know you are moving to the other side when you begin to snack, for pleasure, on vegetables. Try them though, they're yum. (Paleo followers may find the vegetable oil questionable...)

Today, I have been tired. I really do need to have two naps. Or, at least, to lay down twice. The age of my children, certainly makes this possible. And now, with the added bonus of two healthy children it's not too much to ask. The end of the day is when I feel both the most tired and the most active. Once the children have eaten, had a bath and are in bed (that can take a lot of energy) I feel as though I can relax. Then, the quiet house motivates me to get a few things done. I did an on-line grocery shop tonight. I used this service when child number two was a newborn. I love it! So, I am (I'm laughing as I type this because it's so ridiculous) looking forward to my groceries arriving. What an idiot! Actually that deserves a paragraph all on its own...

(Final) Confession No. 6
I am totally looking forward to receiving my groceries. In an effort to preserve my health, I have stayed at home. So, as you can well imagine, my enthusiasm for the little things has multiplied. In fact, having fewer options these days, for anything, has made me appreciate what I've got. And, that's not a bad thing.

Enough confessions. Good night.

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