Monday, 6 June 2011

Money, Money, Money

There was one comment that the doctor made during the initial biopsy that kept ringing. He actually commented that there wasn't much tissue in the lesion. Prior to that he had been explaining to me that cancerous tumours give very little tissue for a biopsy... So, when my GP said that is was necessary to do another biopsy I wasn't surprised at all. While there was evidence of atypical tissue there simply was not enough to be sure of anything. So, I made a second appointment. Now, this one was sure to be painful! It involved a a bigger needle; a core biopsy!!

My GP is lovely, thorough and certainly not one to make her patients panic unnecesssarily. But, again, I just couldn't shake that niggling feeling. Ok, more like, paranoia. Maybe, I thought, she is playing down the whole thing when really she knows this is bad news and just wants to be doubly sure. She wants to be absolutely sure before she gives the 30 year old mother of two the news. I pushed the feeling of doom aside, with Stu's "diplomatic" coersion and then became infuriated that I would have to pay another $400+ for the procedure. You wouldn't believe how cross I got when I thought about the incompetence of the doctors that they couldn't get it right. A few days later I reaslised how pathetic my reaction was. What a cow! I was quickly reminded of the fact that I actually have access to such medical tests. Countless women, around the world, could never have it. So, I calmed down (got off my high horse) about the finances and waited somewhat eagerly for the next test.

Although the needle was larger for this procedure, I really wasn't too nervous because the doctor had been very kind, friendly but most importantly to me, gentle. During the procedure I reported on how child number one's Spongebob party had been. He repeated the procedure to be sure to get enough tissue and I was all smiles.

Until...for no apparent reason I got all faint! Lying down certainly helped the moment pass quickly but it was pretty embarrassing.

Another test was done. I was closer now, but to what? Oh, and if you ever have to have a core biopsy it's ok. Seriously, if I can do it anyone can :)

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