Tuesday, 7 June 2011

So Much Support

The tears fell, hugs were received and the visitors came. For me, this was such consolation. The husband and I were mega overwhelmed by the supportive family and friends that surrounded us immediately. We were not alone that night.

As you can imagine, the shock of the diagnosis stayed with us for days and everytime I had to put my name alongside the "C" word it was just too weird. Cancer was something that other people got. People I loved, people I knew of and people other than me got this. I really must have thought I was untouchable...Idiot!

But then, something unfortunate but amazing came to the fore. Through the power of facebook I discovered that a family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer only a month prior to me. It spun me out! I had spent much time with this friend, playing music together for years. Her family and ours were great friends, and now it seemed, we would share this journey (couldn't think of a better word there...). She has been such an encouragement! She explained all the obvious stuff like, be prepared for the wait at the clinic, she mentally prepared me for the number of women I would see undergoing the same treatment and she was honest in explaining what I was likely to experience. I feel so bad that she has had to go through this almost as if it is just to help me! Thanks S! Unless you get inside my head you may never really understand how your support has helped me.

So, to all those who shot through a text, facebooked, emailed, phoned, smiled reassuringly, hugged, visited, cooked - THANK YOU. We have never felt as if we have had to do this alone! Let's face it, we're not meant to do any of life (even the good stuff) alone.

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