Monday, 6 June 2011

The News Breaks

Even before I heard the words I began to mentally prepare. Is that a bad thing? Did I make this happen to myself because I believed it had? I actually considered how I would tell my boss, even before I heard the news...

Well, the fact is that my GP rang early on a Monday morning, just as we were to leave for child number one's Spanish lesson. She explained that atypical cells were found and that she wanted to make an appointment for me to see a specialist. I was clever enough to not ask any further questions and with my brave voice on I rang the husband. He arranged to have the afternoon off so he could come along to see the GP.

That afternoon, feeling calm, our family of four entered the GP's office. She didn't beat around the bush; she got straight to business. The diagnosis was early stage breast cancer. The tears fell, but she talked on. The prognosis was positive, the lump small and the cancer detected early. Immediately, she rang the hospital who miraculously had an appointment for me that Thursday. And, lo and behold it was with one of the top breast surgeons! The doctor was thanking God because she just simply could not believe that we were able to secure an appointment with such a reknowned doctor and so soon.

The illusion of having my life in my own hands dissolved.

We stood in the reception still clearly shaken. The news was delivered. It was time to address the disease. We prayed a lot after that.

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