Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Discovery

Prior to my discovery of the lump, the husband had remarked, actually on a number of occasions, that he felt really content; very happy. I kid you not, I flinched every time he made mention of such remarks. I am by no means superstitious but it's one of those things right? You never say that you never get a speeding ticket or that you've never been in an accident. You just don't say it. You don't even think it! Perhaps it was those comments that really got me on edge when I first discovered the lump.

I don't know if anyone would believe me but honestly, the night I felt a lump in my right breast I knew that I had discovered something that would shake me to the very core. As you can imagine I checked again and again, there definitely was no symmetry. This was not normal.

The following day, I made an appointment with my GP. Those who know me well will understand the gravity of the statement that, I am no fan of doctors...But, I am certainly not too stubborn to realise that I need their expertise. And, well, as I mentioned already, I really just did not have a good feeling.

After an examination by my GP I was referred to a specialist to have an ultrasound.

At this point, I cannot emphasise the importance of early detection enough. I will never regret the urgency in which I made that initial appointment.

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