Friday, 1 July 2011

It's No Longer Cool

The itch is back. And, it is has created two problems. My head is cold, of course, it's winter. So, I have had to wear something on my head all the time. The only trouble has been that having anything on my head irritates because it pushes my hair in the wrong directions! So, all of yesterday and during the night I was finding myself scratching, repositioning my hat, taking it off and putting it on. Not a big discomfort, I know, but it's there. You know what this means, right? The chemo, the second round, was now going to encourage some more hair loss.

Just after lunch, child number two became very clingy. This little one is full of action so, while I was totally enjoying all the the snuggles I knew that something was not right. I got myself comfortable and, for the first time in ages, I watched some midday television. I was very shocked when my youngest fell into a restless sleep. What happened next was disgusting. It was foul. But, it was also a mother showing such deep love. Child number two looked into my eyes and with a great heave, which I felt from deep within their tiny belly, I was blasted with scrambled eggs, juice, water, pumpkin soup, meat and vegetables. My motherly instincts took over and I sat and endured it. I even curled my shoulders around to cup the overflow so as to protect the beanbag and floor from the half-digested conglomerate of meals. My nasal passages refused to allow the stench in as I patiently waited for the heaves to stop and the the child's face to relax. Both came. With balance, that any circus performer would admire, I carried myself, the child and the meals to the bathroom.

In no time, child number two was playing in the bath and I was in the shower (of course I was watching!). It was then that I was able to wash my hair. So much hair came out! I stood and rinsed until most of the loose hair had fallen. It was pretty gross to run my hands through my hair and see so much black in my palms! My hair has continued to fall out. I am back to wearing a cap with the idea that it will catch the hair.

With so much of my scalp exposed, it really is not a good look. I will keep scarves and wigs on when I'm out in public. And, when I'm at home, I just keep the beanies on to keep out the cold.

I have felt pretty good today. In my two naps times, I began watching a new television series. I really enjoyed it. And, I was probably more excited that I managed to get through the day without needing to sleep.

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