Monday, 6 June 2011

Initial Test

The ultrasound was no big deal at all. Last time I was asked to lay on that bed I had a full bladder and was torn between feelings of joy, as I watched the second child wiggle about in my belly, and the overpowering need to go to the toilet. Mothers will know what I mean...

Already, it seemed exposing my breast to a stranger was not such a strange thing. In fact, I didn't realise, or maybe I did, that it would very quickly become the easiest thing ever.

The ultrasound revealed nothing in particular. I was pretty surprised when I asked the sonographer what she could see, really just for conversation sake; as if she would tell me. But, she did. She said that the lump did not fully resemble a cyst. Her thoughts were that perhaps it was a cyst that had "gunk" in it.

As an aside, I really do just need to stop here. As a very private person I really cannot believe that I have just revealed to you, many of which are not my closest buddies, that I was told that I had GUNK in my breast. But, I really do want to be candid about the whole thing. So, I will sit up in my seat and continue to talk about MY gunky breast...And, while I am at it, I do still cringe everytime I type in the "B" word particularly as it refers to me. Anyway, I digress...

Where was I? The gunky breast...Whatever that means. Either way, she felt that the doctor was likely to want to investigate the lump further and probably insist on a biopsy. As shocking as it was for the sonographer to be so open about what she could see on her screen, she was right. My GP spoke with the husband about me needing to make an appointment for a fine needle aspiration. (I must have been bathing the children because he did all the talking for that one).

I made the appointment. The husband came along but just as he was to walk into the room with me he was stopped at the door. The blood drained from my face. Not only was I to have a needle stabbed into my breast but there would be three specialists in the room, all of which were too big to allow a husband in as support!! Nooo! The assistant was so lovely and quickly assured me, the scared little patient, that she would be my support.

As it turned out, the three specialists weren't as big as I thought they may have been and the Doctor showed much interest as I nervously jabbered on about the Spongebob Party that I was throwing for child number one.

All the fear, in the run up to this needle was unnecessary and the huge bandage placed on the puncture really wasn't all that necessary. In fact, the procedure had no resemblance to any kind of stabbing, as previously mentioned. The radiologist was satisfied with the cells that were collected so I was very glad that there was no need to insert the needle a second time, something that is not uncommon.

Tha test was over. All I needed to do now was to wait a few days to speak with the GP about the results.

Before I close this one, I just want to point out that the procedure cost $350+ and then a further $180 for pathology. While I got some back from medicare I couldn't believe the cost. Was it worth it? Every cent!

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