Monday, 18 July 2011


I slept all through the night. It was amazing. Sleep, while I do get over lying in bed, is the best eliminator of chemo side effects. Of course, that's if you can get it. And, I got it! I even had a wonderful sleep in! And, when I rolled out of bed, I instantly felt that I was much better than the day before. I wasn't expecting that.

Today, marks me beginning my recovery from the third dose of chemo. Tomorrow though, brings low immunity, and that will last until Friday. While I'm ecstatic to be going to bed feeling pretty good, I am very much aware of how quickly things can change. A runny nose, an undercooked meal or even one of my own bugs (in my belly) could set off a chain reaction that would mean an Emergency Department check-in.

So, with only the continuance of my nails lifting from the bed (although none have fallen off) I have nothing to report in terms of side effects today. Oh yeah, actually, I have a tiny ulcer on my tongue. I totally deserve it though because I am sick of rinsing my mouth (yep, already). Such a rebel, I know. Oh, and hair loss. So forgetful. That's a chemo thing too.

For the most part, I am bald. I have a small patch that I don't think will last. My bald head now requires cream as opposed to shampoo and conditioner. I made the change last week. I "wash my hair" with aqueous cream. I'm satisfied with that. Surprisingly, I still have eyebrows and eyelashes. Two separate people have commented that both seem thinner. I have to second that. But, they are both well and truly there. I hope they stay. Honestly, I am rubbish at putting on fancy makeup. If my eyebrows disappear, I may just opt for a monobrow because I have a ruler and that would just be easier...

I have not shaved under my armpits (eeewww!) since the week of the lumpectomy. I am talking a good couple of months there. And, I am proud to say that the hair has disappeared! Quite a while ago actually. While I'm talking armpits, I may as well share that I have only been putting deodorant on under my left arm. Why? Because, since I had trouble with the wound (under my arm) during the first chemo and then when the wound opened up, I have been too scared to do it. Even as I type that I can't even convince myself to start doing it now. I am literally too scared. It's unreasonable too. What would happen? Truthfully, there is some affected part of my brain that thinks the application of deodorant will reopen the wound. Yes, it's ridiculous. I'm just not ready. Hi, I'm Alicia and I have a fear of putting deodorant under my right arm.

Finally, my legs. There are a few straggling hairs which I can actually just pluck out. For real! It doesn't even hurt. I'm not interested in doing that though. I just did it to test.

I can now count two perks to having breast cancer. Aside from the obvious ones like, other people cook for me, I get whatever I want, I get to lie in bed all day...

1. Chemo patients are seen to immediately upon arrival to the Emergency Department
2. Chemo patients don't have to bother with shaving/waxing for a while

I wonder if I get to add anymore to my list of two?

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