Monday, 25 July 2011


I think I can report the strangest side effect so far. For the last couple of days, my two little toes have been really sore. It's like I have hit them on the corner of furniture. You know that feeling? But, the pain hasn't gone away. Now, both my little toes are swollen at the cuticle. They also look bruised in that area. It's very strange. I just heard today of someone who had cancer, a couple of years ago, who was taken aback by the bizarre, individualised side effects of chemo. My sore toes have not stopped me from having a great day though. I didn't even have a nap, this afternoon.

This round of chemo has not affected my sleep at all. In fact, I have been sleeping very well. When I fall asleep, I am totally out of it until the morning. It's great.

My arm is still a little swollen. Nothing like it was yesterday. Yesterday, my arm actually felt heavy. I have since heard reports of other breast cancer patients getting the extra fluid in their arm on and off. It's incredible that the removal of only five lymph nodes means that the usual process, which I absolutely took for granted, of clearing the fluid, is now jeopardised. Anyway, I did a workout this evening, and my arm has not shown signs of becoming more swollen. I think it is safe to assume that the exercise and then the swelling of my arm are not related.

I was pretty happy with my workout today. I feel as though I did my best. And, I feel even better about the fact that I am doing something to get stronger for Tuesday's chemo. The AMRAP workout only lasted 12 minutes and included box jumps, kettle swings and squats. It was fun. It was quick.

Now, if only chemo, radiation and hormone therapy could be over and done with!

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