Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Discoveries

I am feeling great! I have had a great start to week three of my second cycle. My energy has really picked up. I have been fitting so much into the last three days that not writing in my blog meant I have thought very little about cancer. Bonus. But, here I am. I have returned to this spot. And, I do have lots of positives to report. For one, I'm alive. Yay!

The discolouration on my skin is still there. I have been moisturising with high potency vitamin E cream but let's face it (what's with the pun?), the issue is more likely to be linked with what's going on inside. Will it be around forever? Will it disappear soon? Who knows.

The second cycle has certainly brought about different side effects. My wrist continues to be sensitive. When I was doing push-ups on Monday there was discomfort there. Just up from my wrist there is a bump where two failed cannulas were inserted. It is also quite sensitive to touch. Once again, issues that I'll raise with the oncologist.

I am very pleased to say that in the last three days I have been to the park, the shops, participated in two (group) crossfit sessions, did some craft and baked. All of which I couldn't have imagined doing last week. And then again, so little of what I could normally have fit in prior to the interruption of cancer.

While I have found myself to have lots more energy, it still doesn't compare to what I was. I am very much looking forward to being over and done with all of this stuff so that I can get back to jamming my days full of activity. There seems to be a post breast cancer culture where the woman break free of the confines of cancer and their old life, to adopt one that is more daring and assertive. I really like the idea of being a survivor. And, while I haven't got used to having cancer I know I'll embrace the former title. Only two chemo treatments to go and thirty radiation blasts and I'll accept that I am a survivor. Cool!

So, my head is looking ghastly these days. It's hard to imagine that I once had long, thick hair! Interestingly, I have discovered that I have a moley head. I counted about four moles (I'm sure there's more) and I have load of those little red ones. Should I have them checked? The itchiness (on my head/hair) has gone. That's good.

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