Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy Hormones

When I told the husband that I had more energy today and that I wasn't as cranky he replied, "Yeah, you were a bit scary yesterday". For real. The husband and the children didn't seem that scared of me. But, when I am in the middle of a tired rampage because, well, because I can, to be honest, I didn't really take much notice of their reactions. Oh, to be calm again. That would be bliss; for all of us.

The day just seemed to begin quite upbeat. I busied myself with housework and kept child one and two occupied too. Then, when the afternoon hit, I was surprised that I had enough energy to do some exercise. I wasn't really expecting that. So, I finally did the 21-15-9 that I had wanted to do. I did squats and push-ups with a weighted vest. I topped it off with a skip. It's not much, and it took me longer than I would have liked. But, I worked up a sweat and my heartbeat increased. I felt great afterwards.

My fingernails are still sensitive, my scar is irritating, I still have a patchy face and the fatigue is loitering. Honestly, such minor issues.

Actually, I do have to add that I have not begun using either of the creams that I purchased yesterday. I really should use the one for my wrist. There's no reason for putting that one off. But, I have reservations about the cream for my face. First of all, the pharmacist couldn't read the oncologist's handwriting. Then she thought it was odd for the doctor to recommend using that cream for what she could see on my face. If it was on any other part of my body I know I wouldn't have thought twice. But, it's on my face. Scarves don't cover that up. What if the cream reacts badly to my skin? What if it makes the marks worse? What if the cream is the wrong one? What if the cream is actually acid and eats away at my cheek bone and I forever have a hole in my face... Ok, I will admit, I worry about stupid stuff. Sure, pump taxotere and cyclophosphamide into my veins for a couple of hours, but there is no way I'm putting that over-the-counter cream on my face. Pathetic! Right, now that it's out there, I feel stupid. I am going to have a shower, open the bag (truly, I haven't even opened the bag since bringing the creams home yesterday) and put on both creams.

If I never blog again, you will know it was the cream...

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