Monday, 1 August 2011

Chemo, It Wasn't Nice Knowing You

A GP told me today that 90-95% of breast cancer patients have no family history. How is it that I am nearly two thirds of the way through treatment and did not get that message? There must be so many women (and men) who believe themselves to be safe. It's worrying to think that this disease can simply pop up anywhere, anytime.

Well, tomorrow is my last chemo. I have been drinking many cups of water and have been spending far too much time in the "ladies". It's vein pumping time!

As for side effects, I am pleased to report that my two little toes seem to be through their dark days. There is no pain there at all now. The sensation in my fingernails and toenails has also disappeared. So, for this round, I have kept all twenty nails. Win. I have had lots of wins in my third round of chemo. I am prepared for an even better fight with my final chemo. Seriously, if I experience a bad run, I will be totally shocked. My expectations are high. And, usually I would want to be keeping the worst case scenario at the forefront of my mind, but that has been tossed out the window. Bring it on. Actually, I am especially wanting my adrenalin to be so high that I won't find the cannula insertion so scary. I never want to do a cannula again, after tomorrow!

My eye is still tearing. Throughout my Unbearable workout tonight (21-15-9: bear complex and crossfit pushups), I had a steady flow of tears from my left eye. My face still has a patch for each cheek (a great look thanks, Mr Chemo). But, my sore wrist seems to have subsided. Another win.

More positives include, the fact that I am feeling more comfortable with a wig. I still worry that it may reveal my non-existent side burns or slide a little to show my hair line, but I'm not as paranoid.

I've had my steroids today (chemo prep med), and will go some more early tomorrow morning. My nurse is booked in to give me the neulasta needle 24 hours after chemo. I have cleaned the house and cooked up a storm. The babysitter is ready and my mum is my chemo buddy for the last round. All I need to do is pack my bag: blood form, ID book, list of questions, gluten free treat for the two-hour chemo treatment, a bottle of water, purse, phone, lipgloss (I've got to look good for the photo upload!).

Mr Chemo, I don't mean to be a user but once you have killed all my cells (and ultimately the cancerous ones), for the last time, I don't think it's a good idea for us to see each other ever again. It's not's me. Actually, just bugger off!

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