Monday, 15 August 2011

Healthy As A Horse

As I drove child number one to their Spanish lesson, this morning, I was really amazed at how much my health had improved within a week.

Before the same drive, only seven days before, I remember saying to my eldest that I wasn't feeling well and would appreciate if all conversation carried on without me. When I got to the class, I was weak. I told one of the parents, who so kindly offered to make a few purchases for me (I always drop into the supermarket, during the lesson). I declined the offer. Instead, I sat for a while and then pulled myself up to go to the supermarket. I keep telling me myself that it's ok to push through the fatigue. For me, it's important. Of course, everyone is different. And yes, there are times when pushing yourself is a really stupid idea. That day it wasn't. It was the last day that I would venture outside. I did a quick grocery shop and returned in time to greet child number one at the conclusion of the lesson.

Anyway, there I was, a week later. The radio was loud and I was excited that every song that came on the radio was a favourite.

The day that followed was fairly action-packed; I participated in the children's games. Of course, when late afternoon hit, so did the fatigue. I may have overdone it. The day had started so wonderfully. I had more than enough energy to last the whole day...or so I thought. Oh well.

I am very excited, in hindsight, about the exuberance I began the day with. Quite soon it will be the norm. And, the afternoon low will also be smacked into history.

Imagine how energetic I will be next week. And, maybe, it will last all day.

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