Sunday, 11 March 2012

I have an idea

So, out of nowhere I got this idea. It's pretty simple. I'm going to keep a food diary for seven days.

As you know, our family adopted the paleo diet. This has meant that we no longer eat grains, dairy, sugar or legumes. Initially, as the family cook, this was a tough task. There were certainly times when we just swallowed what we were eating knowing that it was simply fuel for the body. I can still remember eating a slow-cooked, pork mince dish - it was absolutely disgusting! It lacked flavour, colour and had a texture that was never going to go down well with any palette. We have come a long way from those days. Whenever we sit down now to eat a meal (and these meals are literally sit down meals as you will see this week), more often than not, we savour the flavours, love the colours and enjoy the textures; and can't believe we hadn't changed camps long ago.

What motivated us in the beginning to make such a "radical" change in our foodstyle is what still motivates us now. We want to be healthy, fit, have energy to be active parents, avoid the top five common diseases and see our children reach their full potential. Can food really offer all of that? I reckon it can. My battle with breast cancer has given us the added enouragement. That together with keeping sugar away from the two-year-old cardi-kid. And then, there's the nearly-five-year old who has started school. What greater gift can be offered than a full belly, nutrition that will aid in the development of that young mind and body, and keep the focus on school work and not on food.

While we try to be inconspicuous about our eating habits, we often find ourselves having to explain what we actually eat. For many people, and it certainly was like this in the beginning for us, it is incredible that we find anything that we can eat.

And so, here is what my food diary hopes to achieve. Over the coming seven days, I will share every meal and snack here with you. I'm no Master Chef and I am certainly lacking in photography skills. So, please don't expect anything too glamourous. What I am is a 31 year old, married, mother of two, who works part-time. This is our paleo journey.


  1. Really enjoying your food diary post. Keep them coming as I am very interested in the paleo way and especially feeding the kids. Thanks.

  2. Hi
    Sorry that I got slack with the last three days; I will complete them :) I'll share more on kids and paleo because there were certainly reservations that I had about making the change with regard to cutting out dairy and protein portions.