Monday, 12 March 2012

Food Diary - Day 1

If you don't mind, I'll walk you through each meal that my family ate today.

We began the morning eating Chicken Omelette with raw organic red cabbage and sweet potato chips. There are three points that I need to make here. First of all, none of us were keen on eggs at the beginning of all this. Once making the change though, it was very funny to notice how our taste buds changed. Before we knew it eggs were a staple. While they're not cheap (omega-3 eggs
are the most expensive) they represent a very quick and easy meal). So, the other thing that is worth mentioning is the chicken thing. Thanks to twitter I have been able to read loads of articles explaining recent studies in food and cancer. I have read repeatedly now that chicken and pork are high in omega-6; omega-6 (this is my very basic understanding of the matter) is not a bad thing as long as it is at a particular ratio to omega-3. For now we don't eat the skin. Anyway, while we have decided to limit our pork intake, I am yet to do the same with chicken. I think I'll cut down our chicken next shop. Finally, my oven stopped working on Friday, when I was in the middle of baking sweet potato chips. I had bought the purple variety and was devastated. As it turned out they had been in there long enough to soften. That was great. I divided up the sweet potato chips and have been frying them to get them a little brown. A terrific save.

I sent child number one to school with lamb shank pieces, sweet potato chips, a banana, an apple and three small almond biscuits. Once a week I buy meat. On that same day I cook it all up. Our large oven means that I can roast loads. This week lamb shanks were in. So, I cut up the meat into bite size portions and froze them with the sweet potato chips. All I needed to do then was "heat up" the thermos, warm the food in the microwave and the meal for first break was done. I then typically include two serves of fruit and a treat. To be honest, I did anticipate (when the school term started) food wastage. I remember not wanting to eat my sandwiches as a child. I guess the real test will be when child number two starts school, but for now, child number one's lunchbox is always empty at the end of the day. And, just in case you were wondering about the meat, the thermos does keep the meat warm and child number one understands that it must be eaten at first break, no later.

Today, I was so busy that I didn't bother to stop for any snacks. Lunch was one and a half lamb chops, one omega-3 egg, tomato (fried with organic, dried basil, salt and pepper) and sweet potato chips. When the barbeque was on on Saturday, I took the opportunity to cook, in bulk, lamb chops. For us, lamb is the most accessible grass-fed meat, at the moment. We tend to eat quite a lot of lamb. The meat was warmed in the fry pan and the sides were cooked in its juices. I think the meal needed some guacamole... I will buy some avocados when I next shop. And, just for the record, child number two got the same dish, minus the egg.

When child number two was down for a nap, I grabbed a handful of almonds and read Donald Woods' "Biko". Soon, I was relaxed enough to have a nap. The combination of chemo and radiation last year have certainly taken their toll. There is no way I can turn down an opportunity to sleep in the afternoon. I have been finding myself trying to do as much as I can in the morning before I crash. When child one and two had some afternoon tea I reached for a handful of macadamias.

My workout for the day was a seven minute session that included dead lifts, hang cleans and pushups. It wasn't too bad. I enjoyed a banana at the end of the session.

Dinner was pretty much a repeat of lunch. But, I served the children early and therefore something different only because both were hungry and I thought that I may as well get them fed and bathed if they were keen. So, for me, it was more lamb chops (warmed in the fry pan) alongside sweet potato chips. I included a side of raw, organic, red cabbage. The children had roast chicken (roasted on the weekend, packaged, defrosted this morning and warmed in the fry pan), an omega-3 egg, sweet potato chips and tomato.

I am now having my last item, a cup of rooibos tea. It's pretty good. Life's good.

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