Monday, 3 October 2011

Radiation Therapy 29 of 30

I don't know how to start this blog. I tried explaining how I had initially found the breast cancer treatment so overwhelming. I then pathetically attempted to liken myself to have been on the breast cancer train (that is was slowing down at a station - totally way too corny anyway). And, when I started explaining my lack of side effects, I just felt like I was going no where. Where am I going? I can answer that one.

Tomorrow, I go to the Radiation Department to receive my final burn. Before I leave, I will be given a certificate of completion (true!) and I reckon my smile will be so big that I will have to run out of those doors sideways (my smile will be too big, of course).

I never tried to work out my end date. It was simply too overwhelming. But, I'm here. And, as one would expect, as I look back on my journey, it has gone by quickly. I am relatively unscathed, too. As I type, I enjoy running my hands over (not through yet) my head of very soft hair. On my chest, is skin a little darker in a particular area. My two scars are now two dark lines; not their former pale pink. On the inside, I feel confident that I won't be doing this again, excited that it's over and eager for next week when I know I'll feel even better than I do now.

Thank God, it's over!

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