Monday, 31 October 2011

On fruit, vomit and beginnings

Child number one brought in a decent harvest this morning. While our lettuces have now "gone to seed" (?) our tomatoes are starting to change colour. It is so exciting to be able to reap some tasty rewards. All of that winding, unwinding, dragging and hosing has paid off. But there's more. Our sad and sorry looking blueberry plant gave us a small berry too. Really, that plant looks far too ill to be giving up anything. There are hardly any leaves and the plant itself just looks so fragile. There are many more berries about to change to that beautiful purple. I suppose child number one gets to taste the first fruit...

Last night, child number two was not in the mood for sleeping. There was a little cough there, but the husband and I put it down to some naughty behaviour. Oops. Good thing we were having a laugh about it during the night and not getting cross because, as it turns out, viral bronchilitus was the real cause. This morning, that tiny stomach was showing the tell-tale signs of the illness. We were out of honey and panadol. So, I needed to make a dash to the shops. Do you reckon you could guess what happened as I was walking through the shops holding child number two, my purse under my arm, my keys hooked on a finger and my phone in one hand and a glass bottle of honey in the other hand? No, I didn't drop the honey jar. Far worse. Child number two, who had been limp, resting on my shoulder, suddenly pulled away from me. Her body moved like a caterpillar. Something was coming up. Banana spew spilled down my top. My lack of hands and my unwillingless to have to call for the clean-up brigade led me to the only option I had. I pulled my elbows to my sides and made a temporary vomit pocket for the next two heaves that followed. I allowed child number two to return to my shoulder. My shirt, of course, was wet. But, it was the warmth that was gross. I made it through the check out and quickly returned to my car. I couldn't wait to change.

I am so excited for child number one to be starting school in 2012. The uniforms have been purchased and you know I've emailed all the family with the pictures. Anyway, having heard many a parents' cry, I imagine the lunchbox preparation is going to be one of the initial challenges. What do I put in the lunchbox? Let's be real, what can I put in the lunchbox that is grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free? This weekend I started thinking this through. We are so committed to this paleo thing that we don't want to lose to the lunchbox. So, I have come up with a few ideas. I have no problem supplying paleo sweets. I have no problem packing in some fruit. But, the big lunch meal will be the challenge. Anyway, I'm going to start practising. So, hopefully, by the time school starts I'll be a little ahead.

Speaking about beginnings, here is a conversation I had today. I thought it was funny. Child number one is four years old.

Child #1: I'm still at the beginning, because I'm not at seven or eight.
Me: What are you talking about?
Child #1: Well, 1, 2, 3, 4 are at the beginning.
Me: Yeah...
Child #1: Well, that means I'm at the beginning of my life.

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