Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm A Survivor

I was so glad that I made the last minute change. The plan was that child one and two spend some time with their aunt and uncle. That would then free the husband and I to go out to dinner. Just the two of us. We were going to our favourite Thai restaurant (best paleo choice) and it was only up the road. So, what was the change? I changed from jeans and a t-shirt to a dress. I'm very glad I did. I don't do headgear, so my head was bear. Honestly, I'm not feeling too feminine these days. I do feel pretty damn tough though!

Anyway, as we drove to the venue, I decided on the prawn dish. The husband said that I should try something different but, I had already set my heart on it. I didn't think anything of him making such a comment. No idea. For a Sunday night, the restaurant sure sounded busy. Still no idea. I had imagined that we would be the only ones eating in. Could I be so stupid? And then, I saw a familiar face. The mother. Then another. Whoa! A crowd!

The sneaky buggers had organised a surprise dinner! Yes, I was totally surprised. Yes, I had a tear (or two) and yes, I was completely overwhelmed. We had a great night. A buffet dinner (no prawns, but that's ok).

I reckon its been long enough now to see tamoxifen's effect on me. I don't feel any different. And, the husband agreed too, that the drug hasn't altered my moods. That is a real positive.

I've noticed that most of the numbness in my right armpit has lifted. Cool.

I am now exercising every day. Just like I was before all this stuff happened. I'm normal again.

So, I'll have to talk about something else now that the "journey" is over. But wait. I think I would actually like to call the last few months my Breast Cancer Adventure. Journey just sounds so long and boring. Adventure more correctly describes the last few months: full of excitement, doing things for the first time, not knowing what was ahead, intense, emotional, crazy times.

Take that, stupid breast cancer. I'm a survivor.


  1. wow! Ive been quietly reading every single one of your words over the last three weeks - one of my blog readers sent me a link -
    Im so inspired by you.I'm just starting
    Im a teacher too - head of senior school - 40 tomorrow twin girls.
    Reading your words make me believe in me - thank you
    Tamar x

  2. Hi Tamar
    Thanks for reading!! I'm so glad that my experience is able to help you along the way :) There are many of us going through this and you will come out on the other side. The cancer may have been able to get a hold of you physically but don't let it have any more than that.
    Some advice given to me was that I should hug my husband and children often. (Sometimes, it is even hard to muster enough energy to do that, I know.)
    You will be amazed at the strength your girls will have. Soon you will have long hair and be cancer-free.
    Please keep in touch. And, if you need anything, please ask.
    Much love