Friday, 13 January 2012

Check up

Yesterday, I had my three month check up. It included a mammogram and an ultrasound. The latter was going to be nothing, although I must admit that I knew that I was going to be more than a little uncomfortable for the former.

Well, there I was. I was instructed to put my chest and butt out, look straight ahead and remain still (there was no way I could move even if I wanted to). As the plastic "flattener" came down I braced myself. In that moment, I started laughing. Believe me, nothing was funny. It was the kind of crazy laughter that came out of me when I went on the Giant Drop at Dreamworld. Then, as quickly as the laughter came I wanted to cry. But, I didn't. By then the machine was moving up and away. I was squashed another three more times and then the mammogram session was over. Out of the four, there was only one that I found particularly sore. The others were just the expected discomfort from having your breast slammed between two plates.

The ultrasound was a breeze. And, no new lumps were found. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't expecting anything like that.

Oh, and I know that I said that I was avoiding fruit for the month of January but I did have a skewer or two from this fruit rainbow. It was so easy to make. And, the four year old was able to help which made the process even more fun.

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