Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I found a lump today

I have a sore lump in my right arm pit. I had noticed it a few days ago, but I really thought nothing of it. It was only yesterday though, that I realised that the lump could possibly be sinister. So, I decided to make a doctor's appointment. Of course, I googled my symptoms. My five minute search came up with nothing particularly interesting. I already understood that it could be a sign of cancer in the lymph node, but the pain also lead me to believe that it could be an infected lymph node. And then, there was also the chance that it was simply some fluid building up; the heat had certainly brought on a heavy work load for my lymph nodes to cope with.

My GP was not in. But, I secured an appointment with another doctor that I believed would provide good care. He made the usual comment about me being so young to have such a diagnosis, pushed way too hard on the sensitive lump and then decided to refer me to have an ultrasound.

As I drove home, I was thinking about all the stuff that I had decided to do in order to prevent any likely return of cancer. Was it all in vain? Is it really possible to keep this disease from visiting again? If this was cancer, would I continue the lifestyle changes that our family had made? The answer was yes. As if cutting out anything that is unnatural could be a bad thing. So, with that decided, I waited until 9am (the doctor's appointment was at 7am) until I could enquire about a time for my ultrasound.

I rang a few places to make an appointment. I was trying to get in as soon as possible. How lucky was I to get one on the same day at 11.30am? Very. My two cutie pies accompanied me and were quite amused by the whole experience. I was encouraged when the sonographer commented that the ultrasound was showing a build up of fluid. While I was the one who walked out of there with that cold, slimy gel (I thought I had wiped it all off) clinging to my shirt, it was child one and two who got the stickers! They were impressed. But, it was two hours before I would hear what I wanted to hear from the doctor.

Would you believe that child number two (23 months) called out, "Coffee" when they saw a Merlo Coffee sign? I took that as an indication that I needed to have a coffee. After that, the three of us went to the library. We read a funny book, written by a South African (Niki Daly). I found the book so hilarious. It so succinctly captured the South African culture and it even included some funny slang words. Then, it was time to take a slow walk back to the car and get to the second doctor's appointment for the day. I was totally over it all, already.

We waited a half an hour to see the doctor. The appointment only lasted two minutes. As soon as I sat down in the chair the doctor, swung his hands into a clap and, said, "Good news! It's nothing!" I reckon he was as concerned as I was as to what that lump could very well have been. That was it. My little scare was over.

The doctor recommended that I have a break from exercise for a bit, at least to give the lymphatic system a chance to resolve the extra fluid build up. He also said that I needed to give weight training a rest too. Of my own, I have decided to wear the compression stuff in the mornings, just as a precaution.

I was given a script for some antibiotics and next week I will have another appointment to check the lump. But, while it is still tender, I was very happy to hear that it's not one-of-those lumps!


  1. My 22month also knows 'coffee'
    Praise God it's all good Alicia :)

  2. So glad all is ok. Looking forward to more recipes and lunchbox plans soon. I am very interested and inspired by your paleo lifestyle and how you do this with your children.

  3. Great to hear Leesh - scary to have a lump so soon after. Hope you take his advice and take it easy and avoid Crossies for awhile. BB xx

  4. Good news Alicia. Praise God! Have a great Christmas with your family.

  5. Please take the Dr's advice and lay off the exercise! xx

  6. Thank god it was nothing! xx